Welcome to Walwa Primary School and to its school community. Your child will attend a school that takes pride in the way in which it cares for its students. Walwa Primary School has a pleasant, family atmosphere, one in which everybody ~ teachers, students and parents ~ are encouraged to treat each other with courtesy, respect and care. The school’s curriculum is concerned with the development of all the skills, knowledge and attitudes that children need to cope efficiently with the demands of living in our complex, changing society.

A primary objective is that parents and the school work together, as the impact on your child’s education will then be enormous and extremely worthwhile.

Whilst the school emphasises the development of academic skills, we also give equal importance to the social, emotional and physical development of our students. We want our students to develop an ability to think clearly, to question, to reason and to be healthy, responsible people with self-respect and at the same time develop respect for one’s peers.