About Us

We welcome you and your family to the Walwa Primary School. We feel sure that your association with the school will be very rewarding for both you and your child.

At Walwa Primary our focus is on ‘learning and engagement’ – to enable all children to be safe, happy and learning to their full potential. We endeavor to address the rights and needs of all students – physical, academic, emotional and social, and work to ensure that a comprehensive curriculum is provided for our students.

Being a ‘rural school’, and having a small community, we can cater for different levels of ability and different styles of learning. Classroom programs include cooperative learning and mixed groupings with the older students being mentors. We work to provide a balance of curriculum that attends to specific needs and challenges of all students.

You, the parents, are an important part of our learning community and a vital link in your child’s education. A sense of community evolves when parents and staff work in partnership for student achievement. Through open communication and shared goals for your child’s development, we will strengthen the partnership. We encourage active parent participation in the school through various programs. You are welcome into the classroom as a classroom helper, and to be involved in various groups and activities.

We look forward to celebrating your child’s learning through their primary years of schooling with you.