Newsletters will be sent out informing you about events happening in and around the school community. These are sent home (and/or can be emailed) every Friday. If you have any information your wish to share or contribute, please let the staff know.

Sharing information

Events in family life, such as illness, new babies and visitors can be a prime source of excitement or concern for young children, and so affect their behaviour at home and/or at school. It is important for the home and school to share information that may affect children, and we would appreciate it if parents would inform us of any unusual happenings of this nature.

Please feel free to discuss any problems or queries with your teacher that you may have about your child’s progress, the school or the program. We look forward to working with your child and yourself in building a supportive partnership!


Each Foundation student has a Diary for PST Communication (Parent/Student/Teacher). This should travel back and forth from home to school every day.