As part of the Numeracy curriculum Foundations complete five one and a half hour Numeracy sessions a week, consisting of hands on Maths activities, interactive whiteboard programs and multi age sessions.

Numeracy Ideas

Using Weather maps:
• What is the difference between the minimum and maximum temperature for each day?
• Find a seven-day forecast then record the actual temperature for each day and compare. Was the forecast accurate? What were the similarities and differences?
• Use the information on the weather website to explore differences in weather from your area to others. How much rain do you get compared to others? Are there differences in temperature?
Using catalogues:
• Select five products from the catalogue then calculate what the cost be if there was a 50% sale. Does it make a difference if you add up the items, and then deduct 50%, or if each item is reduced by 50% then totalled?
• What is the best value sale item in the catalogue? Can you explain your reasoning?
• What are the cheapest and most expensive items in your catalogue?
• Compare the cost of a product across different stores using different catalogues. What did you find?
Using Travel Maps:
• Look at the start and end of the destination and work out how long the journey takes.
• Look at the time the trip starts and add hours and minutes to the trip.

Every child at Walwa Primary School has a log on and password to Mathletics. This is a great resource – covering all facets of Mathematics. Again, we pay a significant subscription and their passwords etc are in the front of their diaries. Please feel free to utilize this program at home.