Everything your child does within our school has a purpose for learning. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Students will also be learning from the following domains:

• Social and personal learning (Play is the Way and Challenging Learning)
• History – Victorian Curriculum
• Making healthy choices
• Gross-motor and Fine-motor skills
• Language learning and communication
• LOTE ( Language other than English )
• Active learning processes (Building Learning Power – Guy Claxton)
• Thinking Investigating Imagining and responding
• Science – Victorian Curriculum
• Technology
• Drama

A scope and sequence of skills has been developed from Foundation to Year 6 encompassing all skills required for successful integration into Secondary School. Feel free to talk with us about our Scope and Sequence.

The school’s curriculum is concerned with the development of all the skills, knowledge and attitudes that children need to cope efficiently with the demands of living in our complex, changing society.